About Me- CA Work Exchange



My name is jo...

Yes, just Jo.  I am a full time photographer, videographer, creative content creator, writer, creative director and producer, visual brand identity consultant, social media and user generated content marketing manger, with knowledge on building out websites, blogs, and content channels to increase authentic engagement with your tribe...to attain new members and retain the existing.


What I am Looking for...

A work/trade agreement for the months of December 2017- March or April 2018 in Southern California area. I would like a mother-in-law type set up or spare bedroom for my well trained, 4 year old Border Collie, Boy, and me!

I will offer up to 15 hours of work a week for a trade agreement (services depending), with option to purchase more hours on top.  Let's negotiate!


What my lifestyle looks like in your space..

I enjoy working remotely or in a quiet setting, and I work on the computer a lot.  I am an avid surfer, runner, long boarder, hiker, mountain biker, climber, camper, scuba diver and content creator.  There are not many days when I have taken care of all computer tasks, that I am not out playing or creating.  I am very active and Boy goes just about everywhere with me.  I travel quite a bit and I hope to camp and explore the coast over the winter months.

Home- I cook and eat very clean, often raw, and spare on the carnivorous meals.  I am a minimalist who is extremely clean, environmentally conscious, quiet and considerate. Non-smoker, non-partier, non-random guests to the space and very conscious of my dog's dirt and hair.



I lived in North County San Diego June 2013-December 2015.  I love Salt Lake City, the mountains and my community, but winter is hard on me and I miss my CA friends and the ocean.

I want to further my professional networks in Southern California to set myself up for a future of splitting my time between two places I love.  I feel like the best way to accomplish this is by being there, in person.

My goals in coming to California over the winter are to continue building professional and personal relationships based there, to share my life with the people that are closest to me, enjoy the lifestyle and ocean, and explore the coast further.


Where do we go from here...

Please explore my website to see my work and my social links to learn more about me (click icons below)!

If you think I can help you and your company with my skills in

⇝ photo

⇝ video

⇝social marketing & management

⇝user generated content set up & management


⇝content creation

⇝brand identity

⇝ audience engagement

then we should probably hop on a video chat and get to know one another and see if we can make arrangements that make us both happy!  Ideally I am looking for a work-trade scenario. I will quantify the services you think would benefit you based on my standard fees.  If you don't have a trade scenario, I am open to financial compensation and I can rent a place.