THROWBACK: Salt Lake Climber's Alliance takeover story

This month I did a takeover on Instagram for Salt Lake Climber's Alliance.  I wanted to collaborate with SLCA because they promote stewardship of our canyons here in Salt Lake and they help unify our strong family of the climbers in our community.  Below is the full eight-part photo essay I contributed with these goals: to tell the story of people enjoying Little Cottonwood Canyon, vandalism in the canyon, and to further strengthen our sense of stewardship responsibility in the community as a whole.

“Throwback to Little Cottonwood Canyon.” 

It’s only been a little over a month, but the nostalgia for times with our friends on your lovely features is heavy.  A month before the snow filled your canyon and covered your boulders, vandalism and protecting you became more of a hot-topic then our typical day-to-day consciousness.

The following photos by @savagedangerwolf (aka Jo Savage) during her takeover the next four days will tell a story of quality time spent with good friends in our beloved canyon doing a sport that we love. 

It will also tell the story of vandalism in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The urge is to further unite the community by stirring up stronger feelings of stewardship for the canyon for the upcoming season.  

In this photo, part of the @locals_project crew experiences all dynamics a day in LCC can bring, including building stronger friendships.

@Kati_hetrick is former competitive climber and new resident of SLC.  In this photo she is on Digger V6 in the White Pines area.  This is her first time climbing at the Party Pit and she is blown away by the natural wonders Salt Lake has in its backyard.  She reconnects with a boulder, and a past time, that helped build her as a person.

This photo is an intro to vandalism in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Some don’t think much of their actions, but as stewards of the canyons we must protect its natural features to prolong its lifespan and our privilege of enjoying it.  Please take a look at this link.  It is a photo essay and interview with @mikebbeck and Steve Maisch, two pillars of the Salt Lake Climbing community, two days after someone took what seemed to be a hammer to several holds on several different boulders in LCC on Halloween night.  Does anyone remember when this happened?

Mike Beck spent hours going to the boulders he has been climbing for decades, re-stablizing holds as carefully, and as close to the originals that he could, on November 2, 2016. See the link  for the full story.  Little Cottonwood Canyon was a victim to vandalism when someone smashed holds (with what seemed to be a hammer) that were connected to an estimated 20 problems.  How does this make you feel?  What can you (and we) do to prevent things like this from happening again in the future?

New day, new vibes.  If you haven’t read the link in the bio to bring awareness to vandalism in Little Cottonwood Canyon, it is still up!  @earth_to_milo smiles at the creeping photographer on a LCC route.  This day brought perfect temperatures during #rocktober and many smiles, along with scrumptious beef jerky.

This is photo 6/8 from our beautiful backyard, Little Cottonwood Canyon.  @kati_hetrick had the Party Pit all to herself.

Little Cottonwood is not only home to those of us who love to climb, boulder, hike, and camp, but also to playful slackliners who enjoy “sketch-lining”.  @dave.burleson

The last photo 8/8 in the takeover story “Throwback to Little Cottonwood Canyon” by Jo Savage is of Tyler Jette epitomizing the way the canyons bring incredible joy to our lives.  Tyler, a Salt Laker, has been climbing in the canyons for a decade.  He still cherishes the moments when he is flourishing within them.  The goal of this takeover is to bring more awareness to the vandalism threat our precious backyard canyons are under and to instill desires of strengthening our stewardship efforts as individuals and as a community.  Please leave comments to discuss any ideas that can contribute.