My Missions



I strive to position my voice via photography to reach audiences about protection of our public lands, education on plastic/one-time use consumption and sustainable living practices, and inspiration to get outside to enjoy the environment.  I work with companies that prioritize protecting our environment, that incorporate practices of sustainable manufacturing and traceable product sources. 

I am open ears to collaboration ideas on projects based on environmental causes that can make an impact. I will continue to volunteer my time and/or prioritize my schedule to utilize my photography and my voice for environmental projects I am passionate about.


Represent Women.

As a female photographer in the outdoor and action industries, I constantly notice that female representation is very low, in the creative world and the athlete/talent sector. I shoot women being the badasses that they are. Capturing the moments when they are shredding waves and cement, bravely slaying crazy routes on rock, cheesing after bagging another peak, and sending some crazy kickers or steep backcountry lines.  I want to make a visual impact on all generations of women to inspire and motivate them.



Let's face it- in images for the outdoor and action industries, there is an obvious lack of diversity in gender and race represented.  As an image creator and talent scout, I am at Ground Zero for a change to occur. Taking the responsibility and the time to incorporate diversity into shoots boils down to actively seeking people who are authentic to the lifestyle, sport, environment- but who look different than the typical. My ambition is that kids and communities see the images I create for brands to include people they can relate and identify with by recognizing similar qualities or traits. The ultimate goal: motivating groups of people to explore and discover new activities that bring them health and happiness.